We support you with the introduction of IMEC, the entry into the agriculture industry as well as the entry into the foreign market.

Support New Entry

1. Support Business Planning

Using our diverse and wide business network, we create a business plan which includes designing equipment, calculation of profits and any other thing necessary for starting business.

2. Support Funding

Many clients feels that funding is the biggest problem. We help you with funding by giving you advice for application for subsidy.

3. Support Incorporation

We give you some advice for paperwork required for incorporation.

Supply Materials & Facilities

We select and supply best materials and facilities for cultivation. Also we help you introduce agtech devices by using our network with major manufacturer.

Direct Cultivation Technique

Lack of knowledge and experience leads your business to failure. We prepare a special training program to help you learn a proper knowledge about agricultural business. The support continues after you start business, too.

Offer Shipping Supplies

The form, quality, and design of the package depend on what products you intend to ship and how you would like. We suggest the best shipping supplies for your marketing strategy.

Support Finding A New Market

We help you with finding a new market by using our business network.